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Hortalizas de María

The kit includes a wide variety of native plant and species, recollected by us, growing our own seeds, manually and keeping up traditions:

  • 12 units of early tomato plant, of great production (40-50 units per plant) and with good resistance to mildew.
  • 12 units of very early tomato plant, blue sea type, very furrowed, fleshy and soft. Medium size, mature harvest.
  • 12 units of Ourense pepper plant, sweet flavour and colour turning to very light green. Suitable for deep frying if desired.\
  • 12 units of Padrón pepper plant sweet flavour (not hot). Fine skin, very tasty, very productive.
  • 12 units of red bell pepper plant in its maturation. Thick meat, sweet flavour and suitable for roasting.
  • 12 units of Italian sweet pepper plant. Elongated, thin meat and suitable for frying.
  • 12 units of Ñora pepper plant. Medium-sized sweet pepper with very thick meat.
  • 1 unit of information on care and treatments to keep your products healthy.

The shipment of kits “half box” includes a half a dozen of each variety or species of plants.  More information is available at

Shipments beyond the Iberian Peninsula and for further modifications of the box content, I encourage you to contact with the seller.

Shipments will be released the same day or the next business day to ensure the delivery in 24h and the product arrives in good condition.

Seller/producer contact phone: 664020503
Contact email:

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Complete box "Family kit", Half box "Kit friend"


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